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The Fornerod Family Factory is located since over half a century in the heart of the « Grand’Rue » in Morges, Switzerland. Up until the end of the XIXth century, milk was carried by Donkeys from the next door dairy that has been since then converted into a museum. That is why we have baptized our precious Donkey’s milk chocolate « Le Quartier des Ânes » (Donkey’s quarter).

* * * * *

Since the year 1965, the Fornerod Family perpetuates the traditional Swiss art of “Chocolate Master”. Fornerod is the last family-owned Chocolate Factory in Morges. Gérard Fornerod’s no-limit creativity enables him to invent and create high quality products.

* * * * *

« Le Quartier des Ânes » is a masterpiece of chocolate due to the complexity of its production and manufacturing. Thanks to his exceptional know-how, Gérard Fornerod maintains an innovative tradition crowned by the launch of the first non-bovine milk Swiss chocolate bar.

We offer an exceptional chocolate, produced with an outstanding milk, known since centuries for its unique virtues.  



The Fornerod factory is anchored on the 1st floor of Grand’Rue 58, which is a historical artery of the city of Morges. The Fornerod family has managed to preserve the artisanal character in its manufacturing. It’s in a magical setting that reminds the old days chocolate factories, that a whole collection of chocolates are created with a lot of passion and dedication.  

* * * * *

We are taking into account the specific requirements of the use of precious Donkey’s milk at all stages of the manufacturing: Almost 2 years were necessary to develop « Le Quartier des Ânes”, the first Swiss chocolate featuring a milky base of this nature.  



Tradition, rarity, quality and heritage: those are the values of the Fornerod Chocolate Factory. High chocolate (Haute Chocolaterie) products that stand out for their exclusiveness. In order to maintain this level of excellence, the Fornerod family has been investing in innovation linked to the use of authentic products while responding to the most rigorous quality standards controls. 


« Le Quartier des Ânes » is a masterpiece of chocolate that is a reference of innovation in this area. The gilding of its case represents the nutritional values of the legendary Donkey milk history. Extracting the best of an ancestral milk and transforming it into a chocolate Icon: That was the delicate task of the Chocolate Master Gérard Fornerod and its partner Eurolactis.  

* * * * *

This creation awakens an emotion in the palate while responding to the growing issues linked to cow milk protein allergies. The aim was to find the perfect balance between this milky heritage and the complexity of our daily nutrition. The “Quartier des Ânes” chocolate is an exceptional chocolate seduction.   

Donkey’s milk 


Donkey milk components are considered being the most similar to human breast milk. It is rich in lactose, lactalbumin, vitamins, minerals and well balanced with 3/6 Omega.

Donkey milk is highly digest and most importantly has unique anergic qualities. It has been a substitute of choice to breast milk from Antiquity to nowadays. 



In 1965, the Fornerod Family moves to the Grand’Rue 58 in Morges and creates its Chocolate Factory: L’Arlequin.
The quality of its products makes it quickly become a renowned chocolate factory. 



First vertically implanted and fully dedicated to the production and treatment of the precious donkey milk. Born in Switzerland in the year 2008. 


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